About us

Dr. Egg’s Story

The story of our Czech eggs fortified with important minerals essential for the well-being of our bodies began quite inconspicuously. At the beginning, there were three pregnancies that occurred in quick succession that took a toll on the well-being of the co-owners of the family firm and resulted in thyroid issues. Our experience in producing chicken feed taught us that a diverse diet not only impacts the hens’ health, but also the composition of their eggs.

After a long search, experimentation, and testing suitable natural commodities, we were able to find the perfect composition of feed, thanks to which our chickens lay eggs fortified with iodine and selenium. We named them IQejce (IQeggs). From here, it was just a small step for us to find a way to naturally fortify eggs with valuable vitamin D, which 99% of our population lacks. Thanks to the unique composition of our feed, our eggs have four times the vitamin D content compared to regular eggs. They’re called Dr. Eggs. Why should we eat them?


An affordable superfood

Eggs have the most well-balanced content of nutritionally essential elements, and contains a range of vitamins. Additionally, Dr. Eggs contain four times more vitamin D than regular eggs. Two Dr. Eggs will reliably provide you with the daily recommended amount.

For a well-functioning immune system

Vitamin D has a range of positive effects on the human body, and is essential for the proper function of the immune system. A deficiency in vitamin D is one of the reasons why people are more prone to respiratory infections and the flu.

With quality proteins

Eggs contain the biologically most-valuable proteins that are 98 to 100% digestible. This means that not even the proteins in meat and milk can rival egg proteins. This is why they should be an important part of your diet as well, and they will be a valuable helper if you want to lose weight too.

For a healthier population

A total of 99% of the Czech population suffers from vitamin D deficiency. The myth that simply being outside is enough isn’t true. Sunshine will provide only part of the necessary amount of vitamin D, which is why it needs to be supplemented in your diet. Like with two Dr. Eggs per day.

With healthy bones

Every one of us needs vitamin D, no matter how old we are. For kids, vitamin D is essential for healthy bone growth, so mothers-to-be also need sufficient amounts during pregnancy as well as in the pre-pregnancy stage. In adulthood, a long-term deficiency can also lead to possible osteoporosis.

Even if you’re not seaside traveller

You don’t have to go to the seaside to get your iodine, selenium, and vitamin D. Direct beach access is definitely to the credit of the founders of our Republic, but there’s another way too. All you need to do is add naturally fortified IQejce and Dr. Eggs to your diet.