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Dr. Egg

We’re a Czech family company from Litomyšl that re-established its traditional family agricultural business following November 1989. We began on 33 hectares of restituted land that was tended by several generations of our ancestors. That’s why we’re dutifully following their legacy, and tending the land in a manner to ensure that we can hand it down to further generations in good, fertile condition. We’ve expanded our business with additional activities over the years. Second only to our production of animal feed is our husbandry of hens with naturally-fortified eggs – Dr. Eggs a IQejci (IQeggs).


Dr. Egg – barn-laid eggs high in vitamin D. We get vitamin D into our Dr. Eggs in an entirely natural way, using specialised feeds. Thanks to their unique, patented composition, we’re able to quadruple the vitamin D content in our Dr. Eggs in comparison with regular eggs.

Dr. Eggs 15 count
Dr. Eggs 6 count


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